Another one leaves DigitalRev TV

Ok, this is some big news.  A while back, Alamby had left the show DigitalRev TV, and recently, Kai is also no longer part of the show. Now, even Lok has left DigitalRev TV!  What is going on over there?!

Reading off some of the comments from Lok’s YouTube channel, it is plausible that DigitalRev may not have a budget available to keep updating their YouTube channel with new content.  But who knows if there is any truth to that.  It may be a different reason altogether.

Now that the original presenters have left DigitalRev, they are now free to pursue new projects.  Will that mean that Lok will be working with Kai on a new show?  Would Alamby be interested in working with these two again?

I read a comment from a YouTube user, who had a wishful thought, suggesting that the three do something similar to the original Top Gear hosts and create their own new show called The Grand Exposure, a play on the name of The Grand Adventure show by the former Top Gear hosts.  While that sounds like a great idea, there is no doubt that each of them have their own plans after working on DigitalRev.

At the time that this post was published, Alamby appears to be traveling the world, while Kai has published his video review of the Canon EOS M5 camera, suggesting that he may be continuing on with his own camera reviews.  Lok currently has no immediate plans yet.  But whatever they will be, we will all be watching what is to come from these people in the future.

I wish them luck with their new endeavors on their lives after DigitalRev TV.

Hopefully, it would be great if I get the chance to meet them in person one day.

Moving on from DigitalRev

Recently, we have heard that Kai, aka Kaiman Wong, has moved on from his presenter duties at the YouTube channel DigitalRev TV.  He discusses this move in his YouTube video below:

Now, he will be starting out by doing camera gear reviews on his own YouTube channel.  One of the first reviews that he has done is for the new Canon EOS M5 camera.  Here is his review:

We all wish him luck in his new endeavor.  And I’m looking forward to the new video reviews that Kaiman will be releasing in the near future.



Verizon to acquire Flickr and Tumblr

I found this news today.  I have read up that Yahoo was planning to sell off their operating business, which includes Flickr and Tumblr.  But it appears that they have sold it off to Verizon.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out with Verizon. Upon approvals, the new ownership will be official next year in 2017.


Link: Verizon to acquire Yahoo’s operating business

Via DPReview and Yahoo