Verizon to acquire Flickr and Tumblr

I found this news today.  I have read up that Yahoo was planning to sell off their operating business, which includes Flickr and Tumblr.  But it appears that they have sold it off to Verizon.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out with Verizon. Upon approvals, the new ownership will be official next year in 2017.


Link: Verizon to acquire Yahoo’s operating business

Via DPReview and Yahoo


Canon EOS 7D Mark II Related Announcements Coming for Photokina

Looks like something that I knew would eventually happen, because it was the same with the Mark I a few years ago. And I am guessing it is to make the Mark II a little more competitive with the new Nikon D500.

I’m looking forward to what Canon has in store with this camera, because I also own one as well!


A Photo Blog

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The posts will be summaries of the photos that was uploaded to the photo website.  But  there will also be posts of news and announcements related to photography from other web sites, which will be linked accordingly.


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